Harnessing technology to deliver solutions


Samsara Group realizes that the nature and the impact of its business, is global in scope and in scale. In such a case the give and take of vital information becomes extremely critical to the smooth flow of global business.

To manage the flow of information intelligently, channelize it optimally and ensure that it is applied successfully in day to day operations is a challenging task.

Aware of this, Samsara has installed in every office the latest communication and information management systems. Connected by privately owned leased lines to its central server in Mumbai, these systems guarantee clear and uninterrupted communication.

At the heart of this technology is a powerful ERP software that offers all branches the convenience to locally feed all "operation critical data" into the central server in real time. This further facilitates access to business critical information for all the concerned parties on real time basis.

Samsara has also ensured that this technology is applied constructively and intelligently. Customer confidentiality, transaction security, information sensitivity, record maintenance and other such issues have been accorded due priority.

BSI Certificate