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Samsara Group – a business house that is today synonymous with a culture of excellence, a rich tradition of personal service and a reliable source of intelligent logistics solutions by providing the right solutions to all your supply chain requirement.

All this achieved in a span of few years, through careful planning and smart investments in people, infrastructure and technology to provide you with a complete set of secured, efficient and compliant logistics services that meets the challenges of today’s end-to-end supply chain globally.

Today, Samsara Group is ranked amongst one of the India’s highly respected and successful business enterprises, delivering globally benchmarked Supply chain solutions, and constantly developing more streamlined and sustainable ways to provide more efficient & cost effective supply chain solutions to add value and growth to your business.

Samsara Group is fully dedicated to further strengthening your business, as we operate on vast network of self-owned offices covering all locations across INDIA. Touching nearly every strategic major or minor port and ICD, it is this sheer expanse of breadth and depth, which enables it to cater and deliver to the expectations of global principals and customers alike. In fact, Samsara Group is recognized as one of the youngest companies to establish a nationwide network of offices in a very short time.

The advantage of this reach is further accentuated with the diversity of its service portfolio. Samsara Group offers each of its customers what is perhaps the most comprehensive and diverse service offering.

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