A Trusted and Reliable

A Trusted and Reliable team at SAMSARA GROUP

The efforts of entire Samsara team is driven towards just one goal: Success in Service.

Our people are our greatest assets, as many of our team members working behind the scenes to ensure and provide the excellence in service to our customers and partners as well.

The Samsara team: Headed by a visionary and dynamic team who deliver the forward going momentum, Samsara is also a blend of shipping and logistics professionals, business and management professionals, IT and operations professionals, accounting practitioners, documentation and record keeping staff.

Dependable and tailored-made logistics solutions are really hard to find and fit in today’s economy, but our team always go extra mile to ensure that the trials and tribulations of your business are solved via our extensive knowledge and support.

Samsara has put in place an experienced and structured team that takes care of each of its business verticals. Every responsibility is clearly defined and every team member knows what is expected. This has created an environment which enables each team member to perform to the best of their abilities.

The teams are headed by senior decision makers who add their expertise to chart the way forward for the organization. They are in turn supported by a team of business and management professionals, and logistics and shipping professionals; who take responsibility for executing immediate and long term business goals. This team is competently backed up a full complement of shipping officers and executives, documentation and record keeping staff, customer service staff and accounting and billing staff.

The team working in close co-ordination and in complete harmony is the true strength of Samsara Group. It is the team that understands and consistently delivers to every client’s expectations and truly makes the Samsara Motto “Success in Service” meaningful on a global scale.


We treat and deal everyone with respectfully, and that includes our staff that respond in kind and stick with us, they get to know our customer’s businesses inside out, enabling us to provide an even more personalized service, We are proud to have a team of experienced and highly dedicated professionals who are trained in-house to handle every aspect of their responsibilities.

We take immense pride from customizing sustainable solutions, working together as a team and being easy to work with our clients. Our teams are committed to offering you the best services. By consistently monitoring all available options and thoroughly understanding your needs, our team strive to find the solution that suits you most. Our values and principles are held up by our employees and thus they make an effort to satisfy your needs. In addition to high professional skills and dedication to their work, our staff members built up essential personal relationships with authority members and customers.

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