Professionals who measure up to global performance standards

The scope of business at Samsara Group is global and it follows that the demands and expectations of its varied clientele are of the same scale.

To match these expectations competently and confidently, Samsara Group with foresight has nurtured a hierarchy of human resources that can deliver.

Samsara has put in place an experienced and structured team that takes care of each of its business verticals. Every responsibility is clearly defined and every team member knows what is expected. This has created an environment which enables each team member to perform to the best of their abilities.

The teams are headed by senior decision makers who add their expertise to chart the way forward for the organization. They are in turn supported by a team of business and management professionals, and logistics and shipping professionals; who take responsibility for executing immediate and long term business goals. This team is competently backed up a full complement of shipping officers and executives, documentation and record keeping staff, customer service staff and accounting and billing staff.

This team working in close co-ordination and in complete harmony is the true strength of Samsara Group. It is this team that understands and consistently delivers to every client's expectations and truly makes the Samsara Motto "Success in Service" meaningful on a global scale.
Container Liner Agency
Feeder Agency Services
Ro-Ro Agency Services
Port Agency for Bulk / Vessels
Tanker Agency Services
Break Bulk Agency Services
Project Cargo & Heavy Lift
Ship Broking / Chartering Services
Agency for ISO / Flexi Tanks
Port Marketing Services
CFS, ICDs & Terminals
Rail / Inland Transport
Airlines & Leisure Representation